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Femdom is based on the belief in female supremacy due to the sexual differences of living beings. A striking example of femdom is the matriarchy and the gynarchy, that is, societies ruled by women. There are many conventions, misconceptions and prejudices in male-female relations, foremost among which is undoubtedly a negative attitude toward anything unusual or not publicly discussed. In other words, "since I don't do it, it's wrong and it's not good, and therefore it's perverse. The goal is not to convert supporters of femdom to its opponents. Its purpose is to tell those with a sufficiently developed ability to understand the reality around them about femdom. Sociologists have calculated that in 40% of cases of disagreement with each other the reason is not a difference of opinion, but a basic misunderstanding of the opponent's position.
The first thing you must understand is that Mistress is first and foremost a human being and, like all people, needs one simple thing: respect. It's about the basic respect that all people deserve: respect for her intelligence and for her individuality. The second thing you must always remember is that a Mistress is a woman (there is still a little girl living in some of them) and, as such, likes to be treated as a woman. Third, the Mistress is a dominant woman. The secret is to first establish a relationship with a Mistress at the human level, then at the female level, and finally at the femdom level. Remember, the magic of femdom arises only inside you and never comes from the outside.