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Women love power - and in relationships, too, why hide it. But women's power is always different from men's, both in world politics and in more domestic issues. For a long time domination was exclusively a male prerogative: historically, women's role has never been the main one, and only feminism has drawn society's attention to this issue. Dominance is built on suppressing another's will, forcing the other to act in your interests. The process itself may look like violence, and remain completely invisible even to the one being suppressed. Femdom is an acronym for female domination. Many people tend to think of femdom as a relationship between couples in which the female partner is sexually dominant, and lesbian couples also fall under this definition. Scholars refer to femdom as those interpersonal relationships between women and men in which She is dominant. Femdom is related to sex only insofar as it refers to contact between a man and a woman, which, however, does not necessarily lead to physiological interaction. As for the sexual domination of the Woman, in fact, it is always present, and therefore it is a category that goes beyond femdom. Classy, sexy mistresses love to dominate men. Most men don't mind submitting to girls, but they don't talk about it out loud. That's why bitches take the initiative and fuck men in femdom style. Bitches put on shoes or boots with heels, stockings, a sexy negligee, and, taking the whip, begin to torture the man. The beauties mock the slave, bringing him to wild excitement with their hands, toys, and do not let him cum until they themselves have played hard to get. Watch femdom porn with dominant beauties on our site, because the man likes to show weakness in sex with their loved ones. Female domination over a man is expressed not only in the taking of the pay card, but also in sexual pleasure. A man should crawl at a woman's feet, lick and kiss whatever he is told to do. Being a sissy is cool (but that's not accurate)!

It should be noted that there are a huge number of varieties of femdom, from simple role-playing to total slavery. Except when a woman shows absolutely no initiative, there is always at least a slight element of female domination in her relationship with any man. This aspect is very rarely displayed publicly, for it is taboo. For men, talking about sex usually takes the form of bragging and hardly anyone will admit that, for example, a woman punishes him with a whip. And conversation between women about sex is reduced to a discussion of feelings and circumstances surrounding moments of intimacy. Women do not usually discuss physical acts, although the younger generation is less constrained to call things by their proper names.
Particularly inventive people love porno domination. In ordinary life these people can be the most ordinary and unremarkable. But as soon as it's time for sexual games, they can become passionate dominants. Powerful women and girls adore their slaves. They can order them anything and obedient lovers will do it without hesitation. Female domination is often more liked by men who are ready to lie tied up and feel the pussy and ass of the mistress on their face. Can't wait to see something like that? Get in on it! A secret place for true patrons carries a double purpose. On the one hand it is a feminist club, and on the other it is a house for lechery. At the same time, the ladies like to bring completely different guests, including both guys and women. They do not care where and what to stick, as long as it is interesting and fun. Many guys get bored with regular sex, and flogging with domination is the best. The keen ladies of this caste love to humiliate guys by forcing them to walk beside them on all fours. Expecting a pleasurable ending, the man must behave obediently, as in training. This interesting connection from humiliation to pleasure has always beckoned to the most sophisticated commoners. Then the desire does not subside, because everyone at least once in his life, but wants to try sex with a mistress. And she takes the opportunity to use her entire arsenal, which includes many hard love toys.