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Fantasies about female domination are only fantasies. They have nothing to do with reality and are only what you imagine, getting excited and emotionally shaken by it. There is nothing wrong with this; moreover, it enriches you internally, creating a virtual plane of existence. There is nothing wrong with episodic adventures in the fantasy world without the intention of bringing them to life in real life. Fantasies are a normal element of the human psyche, and as long as they do not interfere with the normal flow of daily life, are perfectly safe. Enjoy them without any guilt.
Most women only find the confidence to talk about sex freely at an advanced age. And some find their sexual identity only at a mature age, when their children have already become adults themselves and have created their families. And it is often during these periods of life that women begin to feel like "mistresses. In fact, some women claim to have been dominant since childhood!
At the most basic level, femdom is difficult to distinguish from old-fashioned manners: standing up when a woman enters a room; offering her your seat; holding the door for her; addressing her politely, and so on. At the highest level of femdom, the man is in complete submission to the woman. Many couples practice mid-level femdom mainly to stimulate and enrich their sex lives. Equally important is femdom's unique ability to enjoy the company and have intimate companionship with a multitude of women without having sexual intercourse with them.