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Every submissive has a few seconds in his life in which he experiences a special rush of bliss-the thrill of the fibers of his soul. It's not the finale with the splash of sperm on the Upper Leg, not the peak of arousal, not the encouragement of the Master... It's the moment when Mistress opens the door...

As a usual man does not know why he allows a woman to dominate him. He only knows that it excites him for some reason. That is, in fact, all his partner needs to know. And it is not at all true that such men are weak or unfit as men. You have to be very strong and very courageous to dare to break stereotypes and put at the disposal of a woman the most precious thing that you have - yourself. It takes a lot of fortitude and emotional maturity to submit to this mysterious being that is Woman...

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Ever since the world became aware of gender equality and feminists poured into the streets in droves, femdom - female domination of sex - gained a second lease on life. Lascivious girls and women began to turn their lovers into slaves, who were pleasurably abused and humiliated. In the porn videos collected here, femdom is shown as it really is. Obedient slaves lick their mistress's pussy without further ado, kissing and licking their legs to be rewarded. As a rule, it's a dick jerk with the possibility of cumming in the finale. And for the sake of this, the slaves are willing to do anything.

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